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Clare’s version of Taste’s Tomato and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

September 29, 2008

No photo this time as I wasn’t around to snap it, but I hear it’s pretty easy and tasty. Chicken Breasts aren’t the cheapest thing around these days though so probably avoid the supermarket for this one if you want to keep your costs down. Farm’s chicken is quite good (once I figure out how to put links in text box thingers on wordpress I’ll link it) but if you’re in Chch, look it up on Yellow Pages, it’s in Riccarton. If you’re not in Christchurch your local butcher will probably do it cheaper.

Ok, now here it is:

Tom and Cheese stuffed chicken breast

Sorry I didn’t manage to take a pic of this one but it tasted pretty damn fine! And was incredibly simple to make, clean up was also easy peasy.

Stole this recipe from Taste but (obviously) tweaked it to my liking!

1 Skinless chicken breast per person

2Tbsp Tomato paste or sauce per breast

20g Cheese per breast (I used Edam cos it was all we had in the fridge, but would recommend a stronger tasting cheese such as tasty or even parmesan (if you happen to like that sort of thing) without hesitation. Also sticking some grated mozzarella in there too would’ve been nomable)

½ Clove of garlic per breast

Oil for rubbing

Salt and mixed herb to season

So, this is nice and simple and tasted so good, basically cut the breast in half, and then slice it longways to 3cm before the end. Open the breast and stuff with tomato sauce, cheese and well diced garlic. Close the breast and place in a baking tray; rub well with oil and season with salt and possibly a shake of mixed herb. Bake in the oven at 175°C for about 30 Minutes, until chicken is cooked. Be careful not to overcook the chicken as it will dry out and become tough. I served this with rustic mashed potato and baked carrots and cauliflower, recipes for all of which are located around the site.

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