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Tiramisu – it’s such a tease!!

October 1, 2008

Clare attempted tiramisu for the first time ever two days ago. She made the sponge from scratch, and although they didn’t come out like they were supposed to in the picture, they tasted great! The creamy bits were absolutely…to die for, and it wasn’t all too overpoweringly coffeeish either. Anyway, we thought we’d share the experience (and a recipe), even if it wasn’t textbook perfect.

mmm chocolate shavings…

There is a recipe for home made sponge fingers on Taste (we used it, and they didn’t so much turn out as fingers as they did…blobs of spongey biscuit… but they ended up great anyway), and even a recipe for making your own mascarpone over at Hungry and Frozen (as well as her recipe for tiramisu), so your tiramisu can almost processed-food free!

Tiramisu – thanks to Clare’s German host parents for the recipe!

fills a 24x24cm glass dish using two layers of sponge and creamyness.

Enough sponge fingers to cover the bottom of whatever glass dish you’re serving it in, multiplied by how many layers you want*
4 eggs, separated
500g mascarpone cheese
100g icing sugar
20ml Tia Maria or similar coffee liqueur (or a bit more if you’re so inclined)
3/4c liquid coffee, cooled (instant fine)
either chocolate shavings (use smallest grate on your grater) or cocoa mixed with a bit of icing sugar (or both! Or alternating…whatever you like)

Note: the tiramisu will hold better if you do the layering on a cold surface. *you can whip up your favourite sponge and cut it up or get one at your nearest bakery.

Beat 4 egg yolks, 100g icing sugar, 20ml tia maria into a thick cream. Add 500g Mascarpone and beat through. Whip 2 egg whites till stiff in a separate bowl, and fold into egg yolk mixture. Lay a layer of sponge fingers down on the bottom of a dish and soak well with half the coffee (instant is fine, percolated is better). Pour half the mascarpone cream over, spread to an even layer, and sprinkle well with grated chocolate or cocoa. Lay another layer of sponge fingers down, and once again soak in coffee. Pour the last of the mascarpone cream over and cover in grated chocolate. Place in fridge to set for at least four hours or overnight.

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