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Lentil curry with veges

October 22, 2008

I’ve decided I like lentils. I had never really used them before, but they’re such a great way to add protein to your meal, and they last forever in the pantry (plus they’re really cheap – even if you go organic)! I barely need to soak mine (from Piko’s), but I do anyway for 15 minutes so my plants get some food too (see the new random tip on the bottom of the third column across). I’ll be posting a big post of tips on how to save money on food and other expenses, as well as a few tips about nutrition misnomers and eating that I learnt from “In defense of food” by Michael Pollan (BRILLIANT book, great writer, interesting topic). Anyway! I know this curry doesn’t look that pretty:

But it is quite nice (if a bit spicy for my liking). The recipe is over at Taste, but I didn’t do the fancy stuff on top, I just added some cauliflower and carrots chopped into inch long chunks (after I added the lentils). Also, I halved the amount, and that halved the cooking time too. So to serve 2 for curry, this recipe requires 15 minutes cooking. Great, huh? It lasts the next day on its own without rice too, and tastes even more flavoursome! Also next time I might add some coconut cream…

NOTE: If you’re a wimp like me, you might want to add a pinch of chili powder instead of just halving or whatever.

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