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Fish and chip salad…yes, you read it right.

November 16, 2008

You know, fish and chips can be totally good for you…and it can also taste a lot better than the stuff down the road. Best of all, it is so so quick and easy to make, especially if it’s just for one or two.


Ok, so it’s a little messy, but this is ONLY because it was so surprisingly delicious that I actually just ate half of it before I even realised I should take a photo of it…ahem. So, hopefully that’s some consolation. An even bigger plus about this salad is that you can make it with frozen fish (I used Tarakihi) that’s been defrosted and it still tastes fantastic.

I know I’ve been doing a lot of salads, but it has been a hot week, so forgive me if you’re in the Northern hemisphere and things are getting cooler. It’s more of a “warm” salad though, so fear not – it can be fine as a complete meal rain or shine. I’m sure it’s versatile too, just stick with mildly flavoured, non-watery vegetables/fruits – so, no tomatoes, unless you don’t mind a little soup at the bottom (egh).

Also, this looks to be the last post for about a week and a half due to our internet being cut off (half our flatmates are moving into a nice new house, and they’re takin the telephone account with em!), so apologies in advance for the lack of posting. Phew, I’m actually going to have to dust off the old cookbooks and think of non-internet ways to entertain myself…should be interesting!

“Fish and chip” salad

serves one

2 handfuls of green leaves (I used some spinach and watercress leaves), ripped to bite-sized pieces
1-2 radishes, finely sliced
1/4 medium carrot, roughly cut into strips
1 small onion, sliced
1 large potato, cubed into 1cm dice shapes
1 small fillet white fish (I used Tarakihi), fresh or defrosted fully
1 Tbs or so of flour (to coat fish) + pinch mixed herb, salt, and dill. Optional chopped spring onion (a weee bit)
cooking oil
salt & pepper

Tartare-style Dressing:
2-3 Tbs mayo
1 Tbs white wine vinegar
1 Tbs capers
pinch salt & pepper

Mix dressing ingredients, crushing capers. Set aside, preferably in the fridge.

Throw leaves, carrots, and radishes in a large salad bowl. Heat 2-3Tbs oil on medium heat in a medium non stick frypan, and throw in potato and 1/2tsp salt. Cover, and let cook for five minutes. Meanwhile, sprinkle the flour, herbs and salt onto a small plate or chopping board, sprinkling evenly. Press the fish fillet onto the flour, making sure the flour and herbs cover the fish evenly.

Uncover potatoes, and throw in onions. Flip the potatoes, and cover. Let cook for another five minutes.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a different small non stick frypan on medium heat, and then place the floured fish fillet on. Cover if possible, and let cook for about a minute. Flip – the coating should have started to go golden, but you don’t want it to get golden or the fish will be overcooked. Let cook on other side for another minute covered, then uncover and cut the fish in half with a fish slice. The middle may still be pink, if so, cover and cook for another minute or until the middle (of the thickest part of the fish) JUST turns white. Turn off heat, then stab the fish into bite sized pieces, and throw into the salad bowl.

Uncover potatoes, and flip. Some bits should be goldn brown now- check if done by trying one, being careful of hotness. It should be nice and soft. Once done, turn off heat and throw in the salad bowl. Toss ingredients (or just mix about if you’re not a tosser..hehe), and drizzle over dressing. Mix it in a bit, and nom it!


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