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November 29, 2008

Ok, so I just got the internet back (yes, I went without it for more than ten days…and have lived to tell you about it), and before I update with a recipe, I notice I’ve been tagged by one of my favourite food blogs (blame Kay at Kayotic Kitchen!). Basically, this means (from what I can see) that I post 7 things about myself, that you otherwise might not know. Ok. This may take a while, partly because I don’t want to bore you, but inevitably this is going to happen :P I shall be reporting on pumpkin and cauliflower gasms soon, so fear not.

1. I am, with some reluctance, a total banana (yellow on the outside, as in, asian, and white on the inside). My parents brought me to Australia when I was two years old, we stayed there for a few years, and then we moved to New Zealand (Christchurch, to be exact).

2. I want to start a food revolution! Yes, I’ve overdosed on books about the food system (ok, only on two) – Michael Pollan’s In defense of food and Raj Patel’s Stuffed and Starved (this blog theme is incapable of italics). Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, I want to get people not only cooking their own food, but growing it and selling it to local stores. It doesn’t matter if it’s some jam or a few bunches of radishes that you can’t finish. Fresh local produce should be easily available.

3. As a student, I’m studying Mass Communication at Uni, and I’ve just completed my second year (one more year to go…terrifying, if you ask me). Basically it’s like media studies, but focussed particularly on mass media. It takes an appropriately cynical outlook on the state of today’s media and particularly the framework it operates under, which has steered me away from any starry eyes notions of becoming a freelance journalist and instead has plunged me into a state of uncertainty over my future. Hm.

4. I can be very prone to believing conspiracies, particularly the ones about how corporations are knowingly screwing us over. Yes, I am aware that they are not out there to “get us,” they are either just jerks or the free riders in any tragedy of the commons type situation.

5. Apart from food photography, I love taking portraits of people, particularly candid ones. Unfortunately candid shots aren’t always appreciated at the time.

6. My favourite fruits and vegetables are: eggplants, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli.

7. I’m using the “Phantasea” theme on gmail. Man, you stop using the internet for ten days, and look what goes on! It’s pretty though. If you’re not using gmail… why on earth not?!

Now, please forgive me for tagging people who have already been tagged (which may be many of you), but here goes:

Laura at Hungry and Frozen – sorry, but you know you want to :P

Aleta at The Omnomicon – mmm, chai. and pie.

Aran at Cannelle et Vanille – wish I was attending your thanksgiving dinner! zomg… that pie looks beautiful

Pim at Chez Pim – I still can’t get over how great your tomato sauce is.

Indigo at Happy Love Strawberry – sharing a love of Joy the baker cannaye be a bad thing.

Pea and Pear – For a start, reveal your name! Or maybe I’ve managed to uncleverly miss it.

Aly and Maureen at Mad About Udon – Yes, Udon is awesome.

Now type, type, and type s’more, or I’ll feel like I’ve ranted.

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