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Easy cheesy potato thyme warm salad

January 15, 2009

Do not cringe at the word salad, for there are no fiddly leaves in this bar some thyme. I don’t really need to try and sell this to you, as it has butter, parmesan, thyme and potatoes (and erm…nothing else, actually…although you could add salt and pepper if you like your potatoes like that). Yes, all the good things in life. Now, I know not everyone is a fan of parmesan (whether it’s the rotting socks smell of it or the price tag for a decent chunk), but it’s not at all rotting-socks-like in this at all. It’s simply there for the cheese factor, a mild flirt on the side…don’t worry, it won’t try to abuse your nose. It won’t even abuse your pans! (I say this after having roast potatoes stick to my roasting pans even if I all but deep fry them in the oven…)

Now you can use any herb you like, it’s just that I’ve developed a liking for parmesan and thyme starchy things. Especially crackers or biscuits.

parmythymetatoes1Parmy thyme ‘tatoes

No recipes here! Just get as many potatoes as you want to eat, wash and de-sprout them, chop them into 1 inch chunks, and boil them with some dry thyme until a fork inserted goes in without a hitch (or if you’re truly spastic, just goes in without too much resistance). Drain well, throw into a bowl, and while still hot, chuck in as much butter as you think you can handle. Grate over some parmesan (again, use your judgment), and mix it all up. Taste, and add salt and pepper or more parmesan if necessary. Don’t worry if things start crumbling a little, either. If you have fresh thyme, use it as a garnish.

Works with any potatoes, but I’m guessing they’d taste best with new season baby ones. Enjoy!

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