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Google reader. I heart its face off.

June 8, 2010

If there is anything more time consuming than a stumbleupon bar, it is google reader. I finally put the gazillion blogs I follow onto my google reader. Oh boy. It saves SO much time, yet takes up so MUCH time! While I don’t have to check those blogs several times only to find they haven’t posted anything new, all the one that have posted stuff taunt me like the “4 new messages” notification for my email inbox.

Also, I know, it has been out ages, etc. However if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a blog reading organiser…you tell it which blogs you read, then it shows you how many new posts there are for each blog by bolding it and having a number beside it. Or if you just want to browse, you can view all new posts in a big mishmash. You can view pictures and words for most blogs, although some bloggers have set theirs so only text, or the title appears. A little annoying, but according to my geeky man, it’s because there are some blogs out there that compile stuff and call it their own, and then get money from advertisers. I’m not too fussed personally (also, even if I was fussed, I’m too nub and lazy to figure out how to change my settings), although I can understand why some bloggers would not want others profiting off their work.

Also, there’s a wee “like”  button, which I encourage everyone to use >.>

On blogs in general, I mean. Yeah.

By the way, I made another quiche, like my roast vegetable one, but this time just with roast potato slices and caramelised onions that I did in the pan. I may have also topped an already very rich quiche with vintage cheddar…and then I may have polished off a quarter for breakfast this morning. Oh, it was sickly good.

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