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Kings Seeds wishlist!

July 10, 2010

Somehow I started poring over my Kings Seeds catalogue, and now I have a wishlist put together. Just thought I’d share, and also seek some advice – what would you get?

Alyssum painter’s palette (#0035), summer. I’m thinking I might use this as a sacrificial crop as it apparently attracts caterpillars, but I have no idea if they’re caterpillars that would normally eat my leafy greens. Shrugs. They’re pretty and flowery anyway hehe.

Spinach strawberry (#8360), winter. A spinach plant that makes berries, in cold climates?! Hell yes!

Lettuce grenoble (#7684), spring (pictured above). I’ve got some in the garden I think from a mesclun seed mix. It’s soooo tasty. Light and crunchy, slightly sweet, prettily purple around the edges and compact.

Kale squire (#7684), winter. I think this kind of kale is less bitter (well, not really bitter at all really) compared to the red russian variety. It’s also really awesome looking and makes tasty kale chips!

Corn Salad (#7310), spring/winter. Another hardy (frost tolerant) green, which grow fast and in very low temps.

Broccoli purple sprouting early (#7130), spring/winter. Hardy, and useful for harvesting the side shoots. See this makes waaaay more sense than planting a massive broccoli plant for one head, which may or may not be munted. Also you can eat the leaves of broccoli which are super super healthy, even more so than the flowery bits. Genius.

Dill vierling (#6232), late spring/summer. I looooove dill and buy it in those little punnets usually but never manage to save the seeds. This variety is apparently good if you want the leaves and want to grow in a container. EDIT: Dill flowers also help attract predatory insects that help reduce the need for pesticides. Helps that you can also eat dill!

Phacelia lacy (#2950), late spring/summer. Apparently attracts predatory insects that will take care of aphids and the larvae of white butterfly (according to Steve Wratten, Prof of Ecology at Lincoln Uni). Should attract bees too. The flowers are reasonably pretty too, so I don’t have a problem with planting a bit around!

PS. Search the numbers and you’ll get the result up easiest. You can get some extra helpful info on each variety that way.

EDIT: Just received the new catalogue and have added the following:

Lettuce paris white cos (#5200), early spring. I think this is romaine lettuce, the stuff you put in caesar salads. I’ve not seen it in New Zealand and I’ve heard arms-reaching-for-the-heavens good things about it, plus it’s good for cooler temperatures.

Leek sprouting seeds (#5478). This would be so awesome for putting in salads. Nuff said.

High health combo sprouts (#5475). Mix of broccoli, red cabbage and black mustard sprouting seeds. Sounds handy for putting in sandwiches.

PPS. I’ll probably make an order at some stage, if anyone wants some free seeds and they’re in New Zealand, give me an email telling me what seeds you’d like, and a postal address. I never use them all so someone may as well! The exception is sprouting seeds, I will probably use them all.

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