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I. Am. Excited.

August 3, 2010

I just received an email from Helen Syron, who is creating a new application called MyRecipeBook. Basically it allows you to download all your favourite recipes so that they are available on and off line. I’ve just downloaded the app and will have a little play in between assignments, then I will send a few suggestions to Helen, but what do you think?

Also, what caught my eye on Helen’s home page was a link to Lauraine Jacobs’ blog. Lauraine was a food editor at Cuisine among other things,  and she is about to release a new book called The New Zealand Vegetable Cookbook, which she co-authored with Kathy Paterson and Ginny Grant. As if the idea wasn’t exciting enough (finally, NZ based authors who are giving a nod to veges!), they’re doing a tour to promote the book and even dropping into Christchurch…!!!! 24 August, 6pm-7:30pm. What’s even more exciting is that the stop in Christchurch involves wine and samples from the book, for a very reasonable $20 (Ph 377 6994 to book). If anyone wants to be my sexy date for the evening, contact me asap. As a bonus the Christchurch event is being held at Mercato, a new delicatessen in the city (it appears new anyway), and any excuse to check that out is fine by me. If you can’t tear yourself away from the computer they have an online shop too, and I literally bounced on my seat when I saw their Valhrona collection (and no, not just the prices…although maybe that too).

…and now back to this annotated bibliography due Friday.

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