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Sandwich perfection

August 6, 2010

I’ll admit that I don’t often make sandwiches, since I literally never buy sandwich bread and I prefer my own home made bread simply toasted and shmeared with a little butter or just plain. Also they never seem to be made well, even when done by pros, so I figure if they can’t get it right, there is clearly something flawed about the concept. But oh how I was wrong. I made the above sandwiches ages ago, using leftover roast chicken from my previous post. It was brutally delicious. You don’t have to use chicken though, and I will give a recipe for using chopped up hard boiled eggs as well (which I’ve tried and can assure you is just as good), or you could actually use diced extra firm tofu if you wanted.

As well as the recipe, I’ve given some tips on how to cut down on the cost of making your sandwich, as well as making it healthier (say whaaat?!), without compromising on taste. Scroll down past the recipes for these.

Chicken or egg mayo sandwich

serves 1

  • 3 thick, grainy slices of your favourite sandwich bread*
  • 1/3c real mayo (with egg yolks and stuff in)
  • 1/3c diced cooked chicken, or 2 hard boiled eggs, diced.
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • juice 1/2 a lemon
  • handful fresh finely chopped parsley and spring onion or chives
  • 1/2 finely grated carrot**
  • lettuce leaves (enough to cover bread slices twice)

*I used that Mackenzie country stuff, which is damn good although not cheap. White is okay, as long as you don’t leave it sitting around for more than a few hours.

** the carrot should crinkle up and resemble a ball of fluff

Mix the mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper and herbs together until the juice is fully incorporated. Take about 1/3 of this mixture out into a separate bowl. Mix in chicken to the first bowl, set aside. Mix in carrots with the second bowl of mayo, set aside.

Take a slice of bread and cover completely with lettuce leaves. Distribute chicken evenly over the lettuce. Top with another slice of bread. Distribute carrot mix evenly over the bread. Cover completely with lettuce, then top with last bread slice.

Cut with a very sharp knife in half or into thirds (depends on the size of your bread slices).


  1. By shielding your bread with lettuce, mayo won’t soak through the bread and make it go all soggy
  2. Finely grating carrots and mixing them with a freshly prepared mayo mix with fresh herbs adds great texture without that excessive fibre-ness of coarsely grated carrot.
  3. Always bulk up your sandwich with veges, at least using some lettuce. Not only do veges compliment your richer fillings well, the extra fibre will keep your fuller for longer. They also can be used like a shield to prevent bread sogginess (see point #1)
  4. Use fresh (no more than a day old) bread with some grains in. “Multigrain” is a good start if you don’t want to go wholemeal.
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