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Cookbook lust

August 28, 2010

I managed to hop along to the Christchurch launch night of The New Zealand Vegetable Cookbook at Mercato. It was lovely to be able to flick through the book, chat to the authors (over the best wine I’ve ever tasted – and I’m not a wine person), and check out what the deli had in stock. I must get my hands on some smoked paprika – I never knew how completely different it was to the regular stuff! Also, a hat tip to Black Estate vineyard, who supplied the booze for the evening – 2009 Riesling. Woooow. I’m just on my way now to try and get my hands on some. Back to the food- from the delectable nibbles from the book that I sampled, and from the glimpses I’ve been managing to get (at the end of long days of essay writing…GARGH), I really am in love already. The recipes are so alluring but so do-able, with ingredients that are easy to find. As was pointed out to everyone, the book is also bound so it stays open nicely on a flat surface once you pat it down a bit. Practical in every way :) The best place I’ve found that sells it online is Mighty Ape, and shipping is only $4ish so it’s really very reasonable, especially since it’s very much an “every day” sort of book.

In other cookbook news I also swiped up a copy of the Gourmet Traveller’s (Aus) Italian Cookbook, the collector’s edition. If you want to feed your cookbook lust but have a tight budget, this is damn cheap at only $12, and has very few ads among the 342 recipes. It’s much more of a wistful cookbook for the average student, considering the amount of prosciutto and proper Italian cheese called for, but there are a few really budget friendly gems in there, two of which I have already sampled and loved. It’s available at most independent bookstores and probably at Borders too.

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  1. Ginny Grant permalink
    September 5, 2010 7:34 pm

    It was great to meet you both and thanks for the kind words about our book. We love the Black Estate Riesling. Love your blog too.

    I spent my high school & university years in Christchurch and I have to say it’s pretty shocking seeing the damage done by the earthquake. If you are like me you would have spent your formative years in one of the many so called ‘Clifford’ flats god knows if they have survived it – they seemed pretty dodgy even then.. hope you both coping in the aftermath.

  2. kathypaterson permalink
    September 5, 2010 9:55 pm

    Great blog and very informative. I will be looking you up for places to shop when I am down cooking at Castle Hill Station.
    Thanks for reminding Ginny and I that we need to buy a case each! of the delicious Black Estate Riesling.
    Keep in touch as you might like to come down for a day of cooking and eating when we do our lunches at the Station in November, of course pinning our hopes on everything being OK are the scary earthquake.

  3. September 6, 2010 11:53 am

    Aw thanks guys, it was very exciting to meet you both! Canterbury represent hehe.
    Fortunately my family, flat and I didn’t suffer any real damage, which is so lucky it feels quite surreal, especially seeing the photos of the inner city!
    Definitely let me know about any trips down to Castle Hill! I remember high school camp down there and the scenery is soooo amazing. I have a much nicer camera now so I really do need a good reason to head there sometime. As for foodie shopping…did I mention that I wanted to start up a foodie tour business?!
    Thanks for visiting my wee site! Let me know of any cookbooks you’re planning in future. Already loving the latest one :)

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