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Shaking…and baking

September 7, 2010

If you haven’t found out already, Christchurch (where I live) experienced a rather strong quake (originally 7.4, then downscaled to 7.1 because of the mostly-awesome building codes that prevented the city from being flattened) on Saturday just before 5am. If you’re interested in the quake itself, just Google “Christchurch earthquake 2010. No lives have yet been lost as a direct result of the quake, which is pretty miraculous, although I have a feeling the timing may have had to do with that. The pictures from the University of Canterbury website and the facebook page give an idea of the damage to campus. On the plus side, all Uni students get an extra week off, and a one week extension on all assignments. While most of the images circulating in the media are pretty horrific, and the earthquake will no doubt have hit many families and businesses very hard, it really was a lucky escape (Christchurch wide) considering the damage a 7.4/7.1 quake can cause. The Christchurch earthquake was more severe physically than the recent Haiti one, but only two people have been reported as seriously injured.

Thanks to the lovely people who have commented, wondering if I am ok – I never expected people to think of me and my little blog after hearing the news. It’s super kind (and flattering!) of you! Fortunately as I said, I am one of the super lucky ones – no sewerage pouring all over my garden, power and water back on, no damage to the flat or family and friends. There are still the aftershocks to deal with, ones of magnitude 3-4 every few hours, which is rather freaky. However, I felt so lucky on Sunday that I was so unscathed, that I started baking on Sunday night…and er…most of Monday with Ro. There are in fact EIGHT things in the queue of tastiness lined up (not all from after the quake obviously!). Phew. They may end up being rather short posts, because each and every one is exciting and delicious and awesome, and it seems wrong to delay them! If you’re in Christchurch and as lucky as I am, share the baking love with your friends and family, and especially anyone you know who has been working hard to restore their broken chimney or cleaning up after the quake mess. Or hey, why not pop down to your favourite business (maybe ring to check they’re in…some of town is still cordoned off) and drop off a plate of baking goodies to brighten up their day and show your support? Or if you’re busy volunteering, it’s always nice to offer your kitchen if it has power to someone who might not. Love in the hard times is always especially appreciated.

Something will be up in an hour :)

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  1. September 7, 2010 11:29 pm

    Don’t you find it difficult having to wash all those baking dishes with boiled water? I’m pretty much only eating food I don’t have to cook because it’s so much effort to do the dishes.

  2. September 8, 2010 8:54 pm

    Our water runs super hot, so I’m just banking on that at the moment, which I realise is probably not what we’re meant to be doing! All the baked goods get zapped in the oven so that’s all fine, but plates and forks and knives would probably be annoying. As for boiling drinking water, since I don’t mind my water being warm or slightly hot, it’s not such a problem.

  3. September 8, 2010 9:08 pm

    Woohoo! Turns out I needn’t worry, the water boiling thingee has been lifted!

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