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Save Canterbury Cheesemongers!

September 9, 2010

I love Canterbury Cheesemongers – they are the biggest cheese shop I know of in Christchurch, and certainly I would say in the city centre. I love how generous they are when they want you to try a new cheese, and their valuable knowledge and passion.  They have a very specialised and dedicated cheese room, which is obviously integral to their business. Fortunately they survived the quake, unfortunately there is the possibility the (undamaged) building will be torn down because the surrounding buildings were damaged. There is currently a facebook page to show public support for keeping the building standing, and I urge everyone to join it.

Save the Cheesemongers!

UPDATE: From one of the owners, Sarah Aspinwall:

Cleared out most of the shop today apart from the really big stuff which will be leaving tomorrow. Big thanks to Stuart, Graham, Karen, Lisa, Tash, Raisa, Tony, Lindsay, Tony’s mate, Ben and Rebecca for all their help with transport, lifiting, carrying and childcare. Biggest and worst news of the day is that our land lord has terminated our lease on the grounds that the building is untenantable!!! Which might be true by Monday but not true today!! Sad but true conversations with Cupcake Parlour and Jonathan Smart Gallery peoples – our neighbours, equally affected and devasted.

My thoughts are with the team at Canterbury Cheesemongers and many other businesses who will likely be affected in a similar way. I sincerely hope the Cheesemongers will be able to find a new home soon!

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  1. Di Lucas permalink
    September 17, 2010 10:56 am

    It is outrageous that Carl Watkins has evicted the Cheesemonger tenants from a building that is sound. The landlord wants to demo the building and sell the site to the neighbours (Asko). Surely NZ does not allow such outrageous behaviour.

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