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Say whaat flavour of the moment…

February 2, 2011

Apples and cheddar. Who would have guessed it?

This flavour combination will be old news to most foodies, but since my parents’ apple trees exploded with abundance, I have kept The Flavor Bible, and my mind, open to new ideas about how to eat them. But it makes so much sense – a sweet tart crunch pairs excellently with cheddar (even the mild stuff I used), and I can’t wait to find some brie or even camembert on special next.

Best of all, the extra health factor makes this one awesome idea for a snack on the fly or even a big sandwich for lunch. While the obvious answer to apples that are now home to buggies is apple crumble, there is only so much apple crumble I can consume in hot weather, even with ice cream.

Also, I’m too lazy to do a pretty post on this, but sliced apples + honey + walnuts = de-freakin-licious. As a topping for yogurt? Even more freaky.

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