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Foodie travel picks from my venture down south…

March 12, 2011

Time flies when you’re taking a break from your home where a major natural disaster has struck. My parents may have done a bit of work but I was busy snapping up handmade chocolates and indulging myself testing foodie places for the blog. The drive down to Queenstown turns out to be a bit of a haven for foodies – and if you’re considering ever going to Queenstown, I absolutely recommend driving (even though it takes 7 hours from Christchurch) to enhance your rural foodie experience.

Anyway, let’s make this short and sweet. Here are the places that I went, and loved, in:


Mediterranean Market, 53 Robins Rd, The Junction.

This place is like the lovechild of Piko and the Chch Med Market. It is THE place to shop if you’ve managed to snap up a holiday house or fully equipped kitchen type accommodation. Aside from the fact that my parents like to cook their own food, this place was one major reason that, in our 5 day stay, we only ate out once. I feel like I missed out on some great opportunities to sample some seriously good places in Queenstown, but then again I’m not broke, which is definitely a plus. Anyway. A great place to shop if you are a discerning foodie on a budget!

Lick dessert bar & espresso, 40 Shotover St.

Actually a reasonably priced place to get gelato in Queenstown, complete with exciting but not crazy flavours. They also sell waffles and groumet soups, but I just indulged in a hazelnut praline gelato. To be honest it was more like a nutella gelato, but since I have no problem with nutella, I was happy enough to gobble it down. Look for the pink sign.

Fergburger, right beside Lick (above), Shotover St.

The burgers really do live up to the hype – not only are they huge, as promised, but the sauces and everything work together beautifully. The only thing I didn’t like was waiting for a seat!


Cook’s store and deli, 44 Buckingham St.

I didn’t actually try anything food wise, but it was a super cut experience just listlessly glancing over the pretty vintage cookery items, deli things and tempting cabinet goodies.

I think it helped that they had the same plate that I found. <3 how small NZ is!

Patagonia Chocolates, Ramshaw Lane. Also on 50 Beach St, Queenstown.

I know this is a chocolate shop, but to be honest, I preferred their selection of gelato. There was a lot of fruity/nutty chocolates, which worked well in their florentines. The dulce de leche ice cream was brilliant though, and there were plenty of other flavours I wanted to try. They also make their own waffle cones, which is always nice.


Cafe Plums, 44 Talbot St.

The almond truffle from this place was amazing, and at $2.50, pretty good value considering the size of the thing. The rest of their baked goods looked delicious as well, and I can’t wait to return to sample them all. Regretting not getting their mixed bag of deliciousness.

They also randomly had some deli items, and I was tempted by the roasted red pepper sauce.

Their breakfasts are apparently also made using free range eggs and NZ freedom farmed pork. Yay!

Geraldine had a surprisingly large number of foodie-friendly shops and cafes, so just wander around the streets and you most likely won’t go wrong!


High country salmon

The smoked salmon we bought was truly amazing – the texture wasn’t too slimy, and the flavour was genuinely wood smoked (apparently with manuka). Loved that the shop was so closely attached to the farm itself.

There were a whole bunch of places I wanted to go but I felt a bit too poor to try them all, or they were closed. I feel weird posting the photos when I haven’t tried them though, so this list is pretty small.

Would love love love your recommendations. A big reason that we ended up cooking for ourselves so much on holiday was that I really didn’t know where was worth visiting, especially in Queenstown where there are lots of very expensive places that don’t even look particularly good!

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  1. March 13, 2011 9:45 pm

    looks like a well deserved break. Lovely photos of your food travels. If you ever fancy a break up North West of Auckland give me a shout, I have a nice little cooking school with it’s own bed and bathroom!

  2. March 14, 2011 11:46 am

    I’ve done the drive from Christshurch to Queenstown. Sadly not a single thing I ate stands out as memorable, I was probably too distracted by the scenery to care about what I was eating though! If I ever get the chance to make the trip again (and I really hope I do) I’ll be checking out some of the places on this list. That ice cream looks so good.

  3. March 14, 2011 12:36 pm

    A: Haha, not so sure about well deserved! Thank you for the offer by the way! Would love to visit the cooking school at some point :)

    C: To be fair the scenery is quite lovely. We visited Milford Sound and did the obligatory cruise but tbh the drive to Milford was definitely the highlight of my trip! So many scenic stops along the way.

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