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Using content on the site

Creative Commons License
Two Spoons by Two Spoons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.

Basically, you can use anything you like on the site for free if you link back or mention the site, except if you’re profiting from it. You must also share content in the same way (or share it even more liberally) to use my stuff. You don’t need to notify me, but it really makes my day when someone does.


I am delighted to receive things to review, but I will promise to be honest and will not receive payments for a guaranteed positive review of anything.

Giveaway offers

If you’d like to give something away on the site I’m always keen, but you must be willing to ship prizes either worldwide or in New Zealand if you’re a New Zealand business. Sorry. That’s just how I roll.


Tell me about your business, but only if you offer your product/service in New Zealand. If I can visit the store I will. If I can’t and you’re interested in advertising on the site, send me a sample. If I like it, I will write something nice about you. If I REALLY like it, we can discuss having something permanent on my sidebar for a small fee, but nothing that flashes or moves, and the design must be approved by me. Yes, I am that picky. It’s because I don’t blog for money. WordPress tells me I get about 400 hits per day on average (2011), in case you were wondering.

Events and other promotions

I’m currently studying towards an MA in Media and Communication, so you can bet I’ll be interested in any event or promotion that is food related from a PR perspective. Originally I started this blog in 2008, so I know a few things about food blogging, and blogging more generally. I have volunteered my services to help promote the 2011 Taste Farmers Markets New Zealand Awards, helping them with sponsors and bloggers. If you’re an admirable organisation or business who wants to invite me to your event/promotion, or you want me to write about it, evaluate it, photograph it, consult on it or promote it, please don’t hesitate to contact me. In some cases I will work just for the for glory and experience (that’s $0 for you accounting types), so go ahead and propose something to me! This will have to be on a part time basis though, as I am technically meant to be writing thesis.

Aggregate websites

Generally I’m not interested in regularly putting full blog posts on aggregate websites, but a sample of the post is fine – you dont’ need to ask permission for that, as long as you link back to me. There are exceptions, so still contact me if you’re interested in my content.

My email[at]gmail[dot]com

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