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Bob’s Wine Review – Raining Red

May 11, 2009

Beauty and the mediocre beast.

Well, I had hoped to give (or at least consume) two stunning reds this week, however I was only able to try one and what I’ll call a half wine – oddly it’s the pinot noir I’m calling the mediocre beast. And its story goes like this…


Brand: Drylands
Area: Marlborough
Vintage: 2006
Price: $14~
Rating: 4/10

Mediocre would be doing this a favor… No, that’s a bit harsh I can still drink it…However I am a red wine drinker as it is and so find this blatantly average, which for the price is okay, not good, but acceptable at least. However if you’re not a fan of reds, drinking this risks chasing you away from pinot noir as a snarling beast chases children away from the enchanted forest after urinating in their mouths.. So overall, no. I don’t recommend this one. However, on the bright side it did prompt me to make a decent cocktail!

Brand: Redwood estate
Area: Canterbury
Vintage: /
Price: $13~
Rating: /

Okay, so it’s not really a wine, but their boysenberry nip is still amazing! I’m not going to rate this as it’s not a wine per se but if I had to I’d give it a 9.7, because damn… As an additive to average pinot noir or to a plethora of other drinks this hits the spot. As far as drinking in place of red wine I’d recommend their range of berry wines instead (feijoa and blackcurrant pictured below) as it is still rather syrupy (great in cocktails though, or just with lemonade/chi),  however I haven’t seen any berry wines around in quite a while, at least in christchrch anyway (hence no review). However, you’ll still find the berry nip in your wine aisle so I thought this beaut was worth at least half a review =P


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