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Healthier scones for lazy days

April 1, 2012

Let’s get one thing straight: these are not your usual crumbly, light-as-air scones, full of white fluffiness. Those are my favourite, but what’s life without a little diversity? These are a good lazy alternative, more springy and bread like, with a touch of honey, cream, and wholemeal, as well as a healthy dose of applesauce to help these puppies rise and still stay soft and not too try. They still smell lovely, just not heavily of butter or cream.

We enjoyed these with some home made citrus curd (made with honey, omnom) and berries from our local market. I think the scones would be better with whipped cream, but the strawberries tasted particularly amazing with the curd.

Lastly, you could easily make these vegan by using coconut cream in place of regular cream, and maple syrup in place of honey if that’s a problem. If you want to make them more wholemealy, just add a little lemon juice or something, as wholemeal flour absorbs a bit more moisture and you don’t want these to be dry. The lemon juice will also help with rising as it reacts with the baking powder. EDIT: As with most scones though, they don’t last well the next day. You could still whizz them up and add to fruit crumble toppings, or use them in a bread and butter pudding, or freeze them for later use though. Some people microwave them the next day too.

Honey wholewheat and applesauce scones

Inspired by hot apricot breakfast scones in Julie Le Clerc’s Made By Hand.

makes 9 small scones

  • 220g applesauce
  • 1 Tbs honey
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbs cream
  • 1 tsp oil
  • 1 3/4 c plain white flour
  • 1/4 c wholemeal flour
  • 1 3/4 tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 210C (410F), arranging a rack on the very top. Grease the tray liberally.

Mix first five ingredients until fully incorporated. Stir last three ingredients in with a fork until a soft dough is formed. Shape into an inch thick square, and cut into 9 small squares. Separate, then pop in on the top rack for 13 minutes, until they start going golden brown around the edges. Let cool on a rack until warm, then serve.

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6 Comments leave one →
  1. April 1, 2012 11:29 pm

    Yum! I am going to make these this week!!

  2. April 2, 2012 3:57 am

    Those look fantastic.

  3. peasepudding permalink
    April 2, 2012 8:23 am

    Yummy Zo, being a Brit I love all scones and these are almost virtuous with those ingredients!

  4. April 5, 2012 4:09 am

    These look fantastic! Have you tried Almond Milk instead of cream? It would cut even more calories!
    Gonna have to try these :)
    Happy Cooking!

  5. May 13, 2012 3:02 pm

    These look so good! I am opening a bed and breakfast in Virginia so I am always looking for some good recipes! Thanks!


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