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Easy peasy vinegar squeezy

July 12, 2009

If you’ve never had cabbage sauteed with a splash of vinegar, you’re missing out. It’s one of the best flavour combinations, partly also because it’s not fancy or expensive, but still bloody fantastic.


Turns out the splash of vinegar also pairs well with kale. Kale is sort of like…dark coloured cabbage, but it’s more leafy rather than tight ball of leaves all crammed together, if you get my drift. In any case, you can totally use cabbage in this recipe and get away with it. If you’re keen to try kale out though, wander on down to a farmers market, as they’re in season (in New Zealand) and very affordable. They also last ok in a bag that’s not in the fridge, although having said that our kitchen is probably just scraping two digits in the temperature department… Ah, winter.

I highly recommend the parmesan/three cheese mash that this is sitting atop, by the way. I was sick with the flu when I made this but it was easy enough to whip up and to eat without thinking about the fact that I was consuming dairy (does anyone else find they can’t eat dairy when they’re sick? Even the thought of yoghurt conjures up imagery of oral excretions). On that happy note, I present garlic and red wine vinegar sauteed kale n mushrooms perched atop a parmesan potato mash.

Sauteed kale bit

serves two, as if you are on some whimsical diet

lots of kale (chop it up, and you want about 3-4 cups worth) or cabbage
lots of garlic (about 4-5 cloves)
shallots or half an onion, pretty much minced
some white button mushrooms, quartered
about 1/4c red wine vinegar (or white if you have it, esp. with normal cabbage)
cooking oil (extra virgin olive oil works wonderfully)
salt and pepper to taste

Heat some oil in a pan, and throw everything in except the vinegar. Cook on medium high heat until the mushrooms are taking on that translucent sheen and the kale is nice and wilted. Add vinegar, toss it around a bit, and remove from heat. By the way, I suggest you have your potatoes cooked before your start this, and the cheese all ready.

Parmesan/three cheese mash

serves two

4-5 medium potatoes, chopped to 1cm dice, plus enough water to keep ’em submerged
large handful finely grated parmesan & gouda, plus a little sprinkling of another strong cheese (I used goats gouda). Tbh any strong cheese will do, but use STRONG cheese, or you won’t really taste it
salt and pepper to taste
about 30g butter, chopped into little bits

Boil potatoes plus a generous sprinkling of salt (or stock buillon) on medium high heat until fork tender (as I said, cook your other veges while doing this). Drain, reserving some liquid (depending how mushy you like your mash), add butter and cheese, and mash. Add further salt and pepper if desired, and serve up.

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